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SIDNEY’S MOTO CLUB: Last Chance to Register for The Red Feather Campout

Red Feather is an Outdoorsman's Playground

Ride to the heart of Roosevelt National Forest, and camp out under the stars for an adventure-filled weekend with the Sidney's Moto Club crew. A large forest grove in the Red Feather Lakes will serve as our launch pad for our outdoor escapades. Here's the best part; because Sidney's covers the food, drinks, and supplies, the only thing on your mind will be the memories you're making in one of Colorado's hidden treasures.

Mountain & Dirt Biking

Red Feather is host to an expansive network of trails just minutes away from the camp site. With options ranging from friendly jeep trails, to advanced single track, there are two wheeled options for riders of all skill levels.

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The Red Feather Lakes are a less-fished slice of colorado waters. But despite (or maybe because of) this, the dozens of pristine lakes dotted around the area contain a healthy supply of brown, rainbow, and cutthroat trout as well as hiding the famously elusive tiger muskie. 

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Hiking & More

Red Feather offers more calm alternatives to the excitement of dirt biking, with many beautiful hiking trails zig-zagging through the countryside. If you're craving civilization, there is a golf course just a few miles away. Other possible activities include rock climbing, shooting guns, and visiting the bizarre "Gnome Road". Needless to say, you won't run out of adventures in Red Feather.

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Reserve Your spot before Monday July 29

Prices for the Weekend

Member price $249.99 

Non-Member Price $319.99

Sidney's will supply three meals a day, snacks, and beverages (including alcohol), for this campout. We will haul bikes, motorcycles, and any bags to Red Feather, free of charge. This lifts the burden of logistics and planning from your mind, for a fun and memorable weekend.

This offer is not exclusive. Friends are welcome