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We couldn’t find a shirt that fit.

As young men and women looking to dress with more sophistication, we found few options. Those we did find were in pretentious and unaffordable shops. We set out to change that.

We make clothes that transition seamlessly throughout your day. Whether you're hopping on the bike, running the kids to school, heading into the office, or meeting for drinks, you shouldn't have to think about what you're wearing. Your clothes should fit well and function simply. Looking great and feeling confident every day should be accessible to everyone.


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Inspired by vintage workwear and old field jackets, this year’s Project Jacket is constructed from a burly 10-oz. beeswaxed duck canvas custom developed by Halley Stevensons, the leading expert in weatherproof fabrics since 1864. Water repellent, durable as hell, and perfectly tailored, this jacket features timeless construction with a modern fit.


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No need to split hairs—the Utility Shirts from Taylor Stitch are pretty kick-ass. They are cut from 6.25-oz. corded fabric from Cone Mills and are washed for added softness. Triple-needle construction, chainstitch run-off, powder-coated aluminum buttons, and double-stitched buttons and button holes, all combine in a shirt that has no problem getting the job done time and again.


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The jacket that hangs dutifully by your front door, in your mudroom, or your garage, the Chore Jacket features a 100%-cotton dry-wax canvas shell (also developed by Halley Stevensons) and a handsome lightweight blanket lining custom-milled in Portugal. This is the one you always grab when you’re on the go.


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This signature tough-as-nails double-knee work pant is designed for the guy who’s not interested in sacrificing fit for durability. 12-oz. duck canvas, barracked at stress points, and double-needle felled throughout, you can literally beat the living hell out of these pants and get away with it.


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These two Chore Shirts are cut from lightweight, striped Japanese chambray fabrics. Featuring the signature double-elbow, bar-tacked pockets and flaps, and double-needle stitching throughout, sure, these shirts might look nice, but you can bet they play hard too.