Released three times per year, each volume stands to deliver on the promise that we have poured our hearts and souls into producing an ornate publication that will delve into the core of motorcycling culture and lifestyle through unrivaled imagery, myriad adventures, evergreen content, polished design, and a stately quality that is being crafted as a centerpiece for bookshelves and coffee tables.

Volume 001 of META was introduced to the public in May of 2014 with the support of many industry partners who were able to attach to our vision.  Recognizing the fact that digital media is having a massive impact on traditional monthly newsstand titles, we felt the time could not be better to introduce a print collection which focused on timeless content.  In just under three years we have been able to create a footprint that has attracted a dedicated readership and loyal following inspired by our unique and creative approach to publishing.

A high quality print collection celebrating our shared passion for motorcycle culture through a collective offering from some of the most imaginative and accomplished minds in the industry.