The META Annual

Hardcover Book

Creative Direction & 2019 Plan

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The next chapter.

Back in early 2014 we made the announcement that a new motorcycle publication would be entering the marketplace. At the time, media in the industry was lacking. Not in quantity, but in depth—it lacked the personality, substance and design stndards that we envisioned with META. The idea was to fill this void with something new. The goal was never to assemble a magazine, but rather to formulate an experience.

Fast-forward five years and it’s obvious that our that our mission has been a success. Since META's conception we've seen a major shift in motorcycle media as several new specialty motorcycle magazines have appeared on the newsstand and many existing magazines have redesigned their product to join us in this new space.

When we set out to create META it was with the intention of producing something completely unique. And in order to maintain those values and stay true to our vision it’s time to evolve and elevate our product as we move into the next chapter of META.


META. Elevated.

Staying true to the reputation we’ve built as publishers we’ve decided to further elevate our specialty magazine into a hardcover book. A focus on quality over quantity will guide us through this transition as we aim to produce an absolutely beautiful work of design, photography and storytelling for people to collect year after year. 


Bigger, better & truer to our vision.

Magazine vs hardcover. Same aspect ratio, 20% larger.