Why do we ride? Is it the mental escape? Is it the feeling of flight?

Is it capturing the unknown?

For certain it is the sensation you feel at the end of the day. The ride makes us more aware of who we are. The trail or track transports us to an indescribable state of mental and physical satisfaction. FAMILY MOTO FIRST is a motto that we live by here at FMF Racing. We are deeply rooted in this fabric, and when two wheels bring you across paths of other packs that feel your same passion, bonds are formed. This is who we are, and our trail boss friends at WLF Enduro truly live this family moto lifestyle. WLF is a hardcore off-road crew who have gained a global following by sharing their backcountry adventures, and we are stoked to be along for the ride.

For DROP 004 we decided to team up with one of WLF pack’s very own, Luke Takahashi, who is not only talented on two wheels, but also a runs a very successful business as Creative Director at at Related Grey - a graphic and 3D motion design studio - and all around legend. I have personally had the chance to follow Luke’s lead on the trails and he is definitely a boss. Seeing him progress each time, and the enthusiasm he has for two wheels, is why we do what we do. The laughs, smiles, and stories are things us filthy dirtbikers all bond over, so thank you WLF Enduro and Luke for designing DROP 004.

We are now onto DROP 004 #fmfthedrop and we can’t tell you how much fun we are having with these artists’ projects and want to thank you for sticking with us on this journey, because we are all one big FAMILY MOTO FIRST!

Until next round, keep it on two and have FUN twisting that throttle!

Don Emler, Jr.