Twisted Road Surpasses 1000 Motorcycles Available

Twisted Road Surpasses 1000 Motorcycles Available to Book From Your Peers All Across the United States

Motorcycle sharing marketplace is helping owners rent different makes and models at home or on the road, and to generate passive income from their own motorcycle 

Twisted Road to showcase at the 10th edition of the One Moto Show this coming weekend in Portland, Oregon

(Chicago, Il.) Twisted Road, the leading community-sourced motorcycle rental service in the U.S., announces that it now has nearly 1100 units available to rent from your local peers, making it the most widely available service of this kind in the United States. This fleet includes road bikes from 250cc to 2300cc displacement and everything in between, with representation from the leading Japanese and European brands to more obscure bikes from Royal Enfield and Ural.

The service, available at, allows motorcycle owners to rent or have their bike rented by other owners with the assurances of a third-party to provide verification and convenient booking.

Twisted Road Founder and CEO, Austin Rothbard says, “We cannot be more pleased with this level of growth. It really shows the community responding with both their trust and action. Those who have joined Twisted Road either by renting their bikes or renting from others have helped forge a new community of motorcycle sharing adventurers.”

Currently, Twisted Road has a street motorcycle for rent in nearly all 50 states including 3 of the 8 major islands of Hawaii and Alaska. Areas in the U.S. where travel and year round riding are most prevalent remain well represented, which include Texas, Northern and Southern California, and parts of Florida. The increased demand has spread interest in the northeastern corridor, from Maryland to New Hampshire, where bike listings and rentals have seen significant growth.

For even more convenience, Twisted Road also announced last month a pilot program for pick-up and drop-off bikes from select Cycle Gear locations in California, which if successful, could expand to the hundreds of locations represented by the retail chain.

Twisted Road’s new rating system ensures participants are validated by the community, and encourages renters to comment and rate the riders and for riders to rate the owner, including comments on the condition of the motorcycle. The community has been so excited with their experiences that 97% of ratings are 5-star.

With a healthy selection of bikes in various cities via Twisted Road, riding your favorite roads on a different motorcycle or conveniently enjoying a new road at your next destination is now a reality. The service is growing fast but isn’t forgetting the community that its built upon.

Twisted Road team members will be on-hand to help explore all the possibilities and benefits of motorcycle sharing at the One Moto Show set to take place in Portland, Oregon on February 8-10.  Tickets and info here.

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