Fontenelle Supply Co.

Supplies for the Modern Frontier

Fontenelle Supply Co. is an idea originally born out of necessity.

It’s foundation was built on tradition.



It started in a basement in Omaha Nebraska. Adam, Andrew, Asher, and I would spend every Tuesday night drinking cheap beer and playing pool. We would sit around and discuss the hobbies that we had been tinkering around with. Every week someone would have a new idea or project. We would plan our entire week around what would come to be known as “Bro night”.

One hobby that we all latched on to quickly was vintage axe restoration. We all consider ourselves outdoorsmen and having a quality axe that is well maintained was something that resonated with us. We needed tools that we could count on.

We only used time honored, traditional techniques to restore our axes. Rasping and reshaping the hickory handles by hand, using files and sharpening stones for the blades to insure that no temper was lost, and eventually making hand stitched leather sheaths.Over the next year and a half we created a line of leather goods including wallets, belts, key fobs, and notebook covers. As with everything else we have done, the leather work is done by hand with the finest tools and materials to ensure durability. We are willing to put the time, effort, and work into making something that will last a lifetime or two.

In the fall of 2016, we opened our first brick and mortar retail store in Des Moines Iowa. Along with the leather goods and restored axes we also sell menswear  products from various companies that we have used and loved for years. Everything from Filson Waxed Canvas Jackets to Freenote Raw Denim.

We have personally tested every product we sell thoroughly. Whether its a 3000 mile motorcycle trip, a week long camping out, or everyday wear and tear, we made sure the products we sell can hold up to an adventurous  lifestyle