Deus Ex Machina x CAKE

CAKEs premium retailer network expands with the Deus Ex Machina family

CAKE, the Swedish manufacturer of lightweight electric off-road performance motorcycles, tonight announced that their premium retailer network is expanding with the Deus Ex Machina stores in Sydney, Milan and Los Angeles
“We're stoked to have Deus among the limited number of CAKE retailers, to come. Deus and the other retailers are just like us, driven by passion and love to the activities they have committed to serving; skiing, snowboarding, motorcycling, cycling and surfing, with outstanding gear, at peak quality. We are honored to be a part of their eco-system, sharing interests and values."
Says: Stefan Ytterborn, founder and CEO of CAKE.

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Current CAKE retailers are:
Aether Apparel, New York  
Aether Apparel, Los Angeles

Deus Ex Machina, Los Angeles 

Deus Ex Machina, Milan

Deus Ex Machina, Sydney
6/5/4, Stockholm

The all-electric high-performance off-road motorcycle brand is designed for exploration and discovery. First launched in January 2018 at the Outdoor Retailer Show in Denver, the first model - the Kalk - was recognized as “Best in Show” by several outdoor industry publications and has received numerous accolades since. With a focus on design, performance and innovation, every single component of the Kalk had to be custom built, resulting in numerous patents pending. The CAKE Kalk proves electric vehicles can still be aesthetically pleasing while being eco-friendly.
The Kalk costs $13,000 USD, and is now available now for order on with a deposit of $200 USD. Bikes are currently being delivered.



About CAKE

CAKE is a Swedish company with a clear mission to contribute to speeding up the transition towards a zero emission society, while enhancing excitement and fun, by developing light, silent, and clean high performance electric off-road motorcycles. Its first model, the Kalk, debuted at Denver’s OR and Munich’s ISPO shows in January 2018, and has received numerous accolades, including being recognized as “Best in Show” by several outdoor industry publications. Learn more about CAKE at


Indian was gracious enough to host a hands-on preview of what the FTR was built to do.

On a chilly day in February, I queued up behind a few other lucky riders at Salem Indoor Speedway waiting for my turn to throw a leg over the highly anticipated Indian FTR1200.  Indian was gracious enough to host a hands-on preview of what the FTR was built to do, muscle its way into the hearts of anyone looking for a good time on two wheels.  I arrived a little late thanks to a flight delay out of Denver, by the time I pulled into Salem Speedway the bikes were already in motion on the track. The rumble of the 120hp V-twins echoed off the raceway’s steel roof as I hustled to gear up for the experience.

Photo Credit: Sam Schneider  

Photo Credit: Sam Schneider 

To show us what to do, and more importantly what not to do, Indian put us in the capable hands of Hooligan Extraordinaire Jordan Graham.  After a quick dive into the basics, traction control and ABS systems were toggled off and we were made aware the front brake levers were removed to keep us from instinctively grabbing a fist full of binders as we entered the corners.  Other than that, the bikes were showroom stock. 

Photo Credit: Sam Schneider  

Photo Credit: Sam Schneider 

Rolling on the throttle, the 1203cc brute pulls hard and the corners come quick on the eighth mile oval.  The FTR1200 exclusive Dunlop DT3-R tires handled the dirt track predictably and let me push the bike a little harder as each lap clicked off.  Just as the bike begged for an upshift, I was off the throttle and aimed at the next apex.  True to form, the FTR felt at home on the flat track with power and agility that also translates well to on-road duties.

Photo Credit: Sam Schneider  

Photo Credit: Sam Schneider 

Kudos to Indian for their attention to detail, this is an impeccably executed design topped off with a flawless finish. Form meets function in ways not immediately obvious to the untrained eye, a lower center of gravity from the under seat mounted fuel tank is a perfect example.  Fully adjustable front and rear suspension and three ride modes allows the rider to tailor the V-twin’s compact chassis to his or her liking. Controls are simple, intuitive and well placed. The 4.3” Ride Command touchscreen display on the S model communicates the critical numbers at a quick glance. 

After a few sessions on the track, it was time to wrap up and let the professionals get to work as they prepared for the Hooligan races the following day.  Even with the limited seat time, it was obvious Indian succeeded in blending an innovative design with classic American flat track heritage.  

Head over to your local Indian Motorcycle dealer to learn more.  

Derek Mayberry



"There was a little girl", is what people will say after seeing a Jane by VIBA down the street. Without further references to Jane Fonda or to the drama which made her famous, of course ...

Designed from the new generation of the iconic Honda Monkey, Jane, playful, could not take herself too seriously, as John Lennon or the Jackson Five, driving feverishly the iconic version from the 70’s. But melancholy isn’t VIBA’s business, and because it seems ridiculous to associate mobility and austerity, Jane is transcending several concepts to unite them : elegance, innovation, design and accuracy, which are essentials to any objects of style. VIBA is highlighting the craftsmanship from the 21st century, through the smart use of 3D printing, to find a clean design and simple values, aiming simple mobility, with style and smile.

As world premiere, Jane features an aluminium 3D printed fuel tank thanks to SLM solutions technology, which is part of the project team, and leader about 3D printing machines. Even Audi used their knowledge for some rover parts for future missions on Mars. SLM Solutions and Viba’s designers have joined their savoir-faire to combine design and technicality. Therefore, the fuel tank has an elegant surface finishing, aside from the added functionality reducing fuel movement inside the tank.


Besides the weight improvement, the biggest benefit of this technology is to design parts which are impossible to make by other manufacturing techniques, such as milling. With the example of the front mudguard, integrating a voronoï structure where the lenticular headlight is, or even the levers with turn signals integrated.

The front rack, heading front, host a shopping bag, and represents the spirit of Jane : convenient, stylish, technical and playful. It’s also printed in 1.5 mm thick aluminium, by 2.0 craftsmen from Rolf Lenk’s additive manufacturing specialists. In the same way, the saddle is dressed with an anthracite grey linnen, highlighted by a trendy orange strap.

If Jane is more Neo than Retro, it goes further the technical aspect to make natural desires simple: move gracefully, make everyday life easier with elegance. Based on the production Honda Monkey, Jane is developing this mischievous and light spirit, keeping this bike’s qualities, suitable to modern life conditions. It remains accessible to everyone with the low saddle height, the small optimized low consumption engine, or the reliability of all parts allowing moving without limits.


Jane is not an original concept intended to be displayed in the museum of no-future prototypes. A small production strengthens the purpose of VIBA, based on the elders Lara and Qora. Orders will be assembled on request during 2019 season. Jane is impatient to overrun coasts roads and urban centers to share it’s idea of freedom.


Builder : VIBA / SLM Solutions / ROLF LENK

Model : Jane

Base Model : Honda Monkey

Engine : 125cc

Tank : 3D Printed on an SLM®800 incorporating an internal structure to reduce the mass transfer due to the movement of fuel during braking and angles changes.

Print Time : 27h22.

Material : Aluminium (AlSi10Mg)

Weight : 3280Gr.

Luggage rack : Aluminium (AlSi10Mg) printed in 3D on an SLM®500.

Print Time : 18h.

Material : Aluminium (AlSi10Mg).

Weight : 1175Gr.

Front mudguard: 3D printed on an SLM®500 incorporating a voronoi-inspired structure to support the lenticular lighthouse.

Print Time : 14h

Material : Aluminium (AlSi10Mg).

Weight : 430Gr.

Gauge bracket : 3D printed on an SLM®280. The bracket also combines the upper handlebar riser.

Print Time : 2h50

Material : Aluminium (AlSi10Mg).

Weight : 110Gr.

Levers: 3D printed on an SLM®280. The levers integrates at the ends the LED turn signals thanks to their hollow body allowing the passage of the power wiring.

Print Time : 2h40

Material : Aluminium (AlSi10Mg).

Weight : 52Gr (embrayage) 57Gr (brake)

Saddle : Crafted in linen by a craftsman, Compagnon du Devoir

Projection Light : Lenticular 50mm. Housing printed in 3D.

Rear light: LED. Bracket printed in 3D




VIBA, created in 2014, with an approach close to the coachbuilders of the golden age, while using modern tools. Each project is developed and designed in our design studio. The guiding thread of VIBA is to use design to promote new technologies, while retaining a craftsmanship to offer a series or a unique model.


SLM Solutions

The German-based SLM Solutions Group AG is a leading provider of metal-based additive manufacturing technology. SLM Solutions focuses on the development, assembly and sale of machines and integrated system solutions in the field of selective laser melting.

SLM® technology offers various options in the metal-based generative manufacturing to build parts, such as a new design and geometric freedom, lightweight construction through the reduction of build part weight, significant advantages in terms of production speed and the manufacturing of internal undercut build parts in low quantities.


Rolf Lenk

Rolf Lenk Werkzeug- und Maschinenbau GmbH is a medium-sized manufacturing company that relies on state-of-the-art technologies. For several years now, the company has been manufacturing highly complex metal components for its customers using the additive manufacturing process. The key to success is the examination of the technology and the component to be manufactured.



 INDIAN SPRINGFIELD® DARK HORSE® Sleek & Aggressively Styled, the Jack Daniel’s®

Limited Edition Indian Springfield® Dark Horse® Flaunts Ultra-Premium Design Features Inspired by Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Select Tennessee Whiskey

MINNEAPOLIS (March 9, 2019) – Indian Motorcycle, America’s first motorcycle company, and Jack Daniel’s, America’s first registered distillery, today introduced the Jack Daniel’s® Limited Edition Indian Springfield® Dark Horse®. For the fourth straight year, the two iconic American brands have joined forces with Klock Werks Kustom Cycles of Mitchell, SD to celebrate a shared commitment to quality, originality and craftsmanship with an ultra-premium, limited-edition motorcycle. The latest bike features many new ultra-premium design features that give the bike an exclusive, aggressive look.


The Jack Daniel’s Limited Edition Indian Springfield Dark Horse draws its design inspiration from Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Select, the brand’s finely-crafted super-premium whiskey offering. Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel comes from select barrelhouses at the Jack Daniel Distillery in Lynchburg, TN. Within those barrelhouses, Single Barrel Select barrels are only taken from the top floors where the natural annual temperatures vary the greatest year after year, which help develop the most robust flavor. Jack Daniel’s is the only major distillery in the world that produces its own oak barrels by hand by skilled craftsmen, and it is the oak from these barrels that gives Single Barrel Select its distinctive flavor and color. Similarly, each limited-edition Jack Daniel’s Indian Springfield Dark Horse is unique and original in its own way, as nearly the entire bike is hand-painted by specialized Indian Motorcycle craftsmen. 

“The team at Jack Daniel’s relies immensely on their passionate and specialized craftsmen to control the Single Barrel Select process from beginning to end, as each of them pour their personal pride and loyalty into the product every day,” said Reid Wilson, Senior Director for Indian Motorcycle. “Our team at Indian Motorcycle shares that same passion for craftsmanship and developed this motorcycle as a tribute to all the craftsmen who value working with their hands and are committed to developing products of the finest quality.”


Maintaining the sleek, stripped-down styling of the Indian Springfield Dark Horse, this year’s Jack Daniel’s limited-edition motorcycle includes many custom-inspired, ultra-premium design features that truly make it an exclusive one-of-a-kind motorcycle, including: 

Unique One-Of-A-Kind Styling

Inspired by the wood grain hues from the Single Barrel Select packaging and the oak aging barrels, the Indian Motorcycle design team crafted the two-tone Heavy Metal Crystal & Thunder Black Vivid Crystal custom paint scheme. Indian Motorcycle craftsmen then overlaid sleek Steel Gray graphics and custom Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel badging throughout the bike by hand. Additionally, Single Barrel Select wood grain finishes are found on the tank badge and saddlebag hinges completing the custom-inspired look.


New, Powerful 116 Cubic-Inch Thunder Stroke Engine 

In addition to the bike’s stripped-down, custom styling, the new Jack Daniel’s Limited Edition Indian Springfield Dark Horse will feature Indian Motorcycle’s first ever straight-from-the-factory 116 cubic-inch Thunder Stroke engine with an estimated 127 ft-lbs of torque delivering head-snapping power.

Premium Touches

Adding to the Jack Daniel’s Limited Edition Indian Springfield Dark Horse’s mean styling are premium features, including new 12-inch mid-rise ape-hanger handlebars, quick release tinted flare windscreen, custom precision machined wheels, end-to-end LED lighting, and premium gloss black finishes throughout. The bike also incorporates the more aggressive styling first introduced with the redesigned 2019 Chieftain lineup. The Jack Daniel’s Limited Edition Indian Springfield Dark Horse features the same slammed saddlebags, and tank badging. Additionally, a premium genuine leather gunfighter seat and tank strap bearing the Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Select logo, Single Barrel Select engraved rider and passenger floorboards, and numbered Montana Silversmith badge designed specifically for this motorcycle further add to the bike’s uncompromising level of craftsmanship and attention to detail.  

Limited Production

As a nod to Jack Daniel’s iconic “Old No. 7 Brand”, only 177 individually-numbered bikes will be produced globally, making this a truly limited edition custom motorcycle.

“There are no two brands that better represent American craftsmanship than Jack Daniel’s and Indian Motorcycle,” said Greg Luehrs, Director of Events and Sponsorships for Jack Daniel’s. “We greatly value our relationship with Indian, as we share the same high-quality values and attention-to-detail, and know that at the end of the day our products are only as good as the team of people behind them.”

Each Jack Daniel’s Limited Edition Indian Springfield Dark Horse will come with a commemorative, wooden Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel bottle display made from the same oak barrels used to mature Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Select. The holder comes with two custom branded rocks glasses and a spot for a bottle of Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel, which is padded with the same genuine leather as the motorcycle’s seat. Each gift will be custom made and engraved with the owner’s name, motorcycle number (#001-#177) and VIN.

After previous Jack Daniel’s Limited Edition Indian Motorcycle models sold out in as little as 10 minutes, a new digital promotion will be used to select which consumers will be granted the opportunity to be proud owners of this year’s limited-edition motorcycle. Beginning at 7 p.m. EST on March 9 until 11:59 p.m. EST on March 17, interested customers can enter the promotion for a chance to purchase one of the 177 bikes at Following the close of submissions, winners will be randomly selected and called upon by their preferred Indian Motorcycle dealer to inform them they are one of the lucky few who will be able to purchase one of these finely crafted motorcycles. 

Furthermore, the #001 bike will be auctioned off at a Richie Bros. Auction Company in Arizona with 100-percent of the proceeds benefitting Operation Ride Home. Since 2011, Jack Daniel's and Operation Ride Home have helped bring military families together for the holidays. Operation Ride Home provides financial assistance to eligible active duty junior-enlisted military members to travel from their duty station back home to spend time with their families. 

Pricing for this ultra-premium motorcycle starts at $36,999 in the U.S. and $44,499 in Canada. Each bike also comes with a two-year unlimited mileage factory warranty and free membership in the Indian Motorcycle Riders Group™ for one year. Each bike will be built to order as a model year 2020 with delivery starting in September 2019. 

For more information on Indian Motorcycle, visit and follow along on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.


Indian Motorcycle is America’s first motorcycle company. Founded in 1901, Indian Motorcycle has won the hearts of motorcyclists around the world and earned distinction as one of America’s most legendary and iconic brands through unrivaled racing dominance, engineering prowess and countless innovations and industry firsts. Today that heritage and passion is reignited under new brand stewardship. To learn more, please visit


Officially registered by the U.S. Government in 1866 and based in Lynchburg, Tenn., the Jack Daniel Distillery, Lem Motlow, proprietor, is the first registered distillery in the United States and is on the National Register of Historic Places. Jack Daniel’s is the maker of the world-famous Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 Tennessee Whiskey, Gentleman Jack Rare Tennessee Whiskey, Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Tennessee Whiskey, Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey, Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire, Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Select and Jack Daniel’s Country Cocktails. Today, Jack Daniel’s is a true global icon found in more than 170 countries around the world and is the most valuable spirits brand in the world as recognized by Interbrand. Jack Daniel’s encourages its friends to drink responsibly and reminds bikers that Bottles and Throttles Don’t Mix.



The Third Annual Event to Feature Unique Collection of Custom Motorcycles, Motorcycle-inspired Art, Entertainment

Los Angeles, Calif. – March 11, 2019 – The third annual Outlier’s Guild Custom Motorcycle Show will return to Downtown Los Angeles on March 23, 2019 at the The Container Yard.  The event will showcase a remarkable collection of Café Racer, Bobber, Classic, Tracker, Scrambler, Modern Classic, and Brat style motorcycles along with full custom builds.

The Outlier’s Guild Custom Motorcycle Show, also referred to as The OG Moto Show, has brought a unique motorcycle experience to Southern California.  The event will gather over a hundred of the top custom builders from across the country and thousands of motorcycle enthusiasts together in a one-of-a-kind setting.

An all-star roster of builders will be participating including: Shinya Kimura of Chabott Engineering, Maxwell Hazan of Hazan Motorworks, Mitsuhiro Kiyonaga of Kiyo's Garage, Dustin Kott of Kott Motorcycles, Justin Webster, Michael LaFountain of Raccia Motorcycles, Roland Sands, Cristian Sosa of Sosa Metalworks, Hugo Eccles of Untitled Motorcycles, and Michael Woolaway “Woolie’s Workshop” of Deus ex Machina.

New bikes will be on display including the unveiling of the 2019 Kawasaki W800 Cafe Motorcycle and the all-new Royal Enfield 650 Parallel Twins – Interceptor and Continental GT along with the Himalayan adventure motorcycle.

Additionally, the event will feature the OG Moto Market with vendors, food trucks, coffee, and live entertainment.  The OG Moto Art Gallery, an exhibit of motorcycle-inspired art, photography, and motorcycles will feature work from artists and photographers from around the world including an exhibit by the renown UK-based artist, Benedict Radcliffe.  Other featured artists include: Tomas Pajdlhauser of Canada, Makoto Endo of Japan, Salvador Colin of Mexico, Jason Keam, George Yoo, Gary Musgrave, Jeff McMillan, Jose Gallina, Robert Schuleter, Shaik Ridzwan, Wayne Wreck, Tyler Cornelius, and more.

New to this year will be the OG Moto Showcase presented by The Mighty Motor, an interactive session with the industry’s top builders and the debut of their latest creations.  Live interviews with the builders and brands from the show will be conducted by the NoBraking podcast.  Service and Supply barbershop will be offering free hair cleanups and beard trims throughout the event.

The OG Moto Show is supported by: The House of Machines, Royal Enfield, Alpinestars, Bell, Kawasaki, Meguiar’s, Motodemic, Pelican, Roland Sands Design, and Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys. 

The OG Moto Show is open to the public and is $15 at the door with a limited amount of online pre-sale tickets for $10.  Kids 12 and under are free with adult admission. Tickets can be purchased on  The event will be held from 12 PM to 8 PM on Saturday, March 23 at The Container Yard, 800 E. 4th Street Los Angeles, CA 90013.

For more information visit, and find The Outlier’s Guild Motorcycle Show on Instagram @ogmotoshow and Facebook


The Outlier’s Guild Motorcycle Show is a motorcycle event that celebrates vintage, modern classic, and full custom motorcycles.  Founded by John Pangilinan, Stan Chen, Jay LaRossa of Lossa Engineering, and Ralph Holguin of RMD Garage with the goal to produce a unique motorcycle experience for enthusiasts.  The event features art, photography, music and a diverse and impressive collection of motorcycles on display. For more information visit,



LiveWire Motorcycle and Groundbreaking Lightweight Electric Concepts Shine at Geneva International Motor Show

GENEVA (March 5, 2019) – Harley-Davidson is displaying the highly anticipated 2020 LiveWire™ along with three lightweight EV future concepts at the Geneva International Motor Show. In addition to updated production specifications for LiveWire, the company announced that international pre-orders for LiveWire will open in April at with deliveries expected in Q4 2019 in most European countries and Canada. U.S. pre-orders are open now.


Today, Harley-Davidson announced final production-verified performance figures for LiveWire: 

0 to 60 mph in 3.0 seconds and 60 to 80 mph in 1.9 seconds

140 miles (225 km) of city range or 88 miles (142 km) of combined stop-and-go and highway range as measured using the MIC City and MIC Combined (70mph) tests* 

Standard DC Fast Charge technology which provides a 0-80% of battery charge in 40 minutes or 0-100% in 60 minutes

Harley-Davidson is showcasing two lightweight electrified future concepts recently displayed at CES, along with a new prototype Harley-Davidson- branded two-wheeled electric bike for kids. The new bike is the result of the recently reported acquisition of substantially all the assets of  StaCyc, Inc., and further expands Harley-Davidson’s electric portfolio to include electric two-wheelers for young children ages 3 and older, and less than 75 lbs.

“The LiveWire is the apex in a new era of EV propulsion from Harley-Davidson. As leaders in the electrification of motorcycling, we’re fulfilling our commitment by offering a full range of e-two-wheelers for the youngest of riders, all the way to the rider who is looking for a premium, high-performance EV experience,” said Marc McAllister Vice President Product Planning and Portfolio.

Harley-Davidson’s electric motorcycle portfolio is a significant part of the More Roads to Harley-Davidson plan to accelerate building the next generation of riders through new products in additional motorcycle segments, broader access and a commitment to strengthen dealers globally.

An all-New EV Riding Experience 

Accessible to new motorcyclists and a thrill for accomplished riders, the LiveWire motorcycle is the perfect combination of power, performance and technology. Features include:

Performance and range optimized for the urban street-rider: The high-voltage battery provides 140 miles (225 km) of city range or 88 miles (142 km) of combined stop-and-go and highway range as measured using the J2982 Riding Range Test Procedure MIC City and MIC Combined (70mph) tests*. A DC Fast Charge (DCFC) may be used to charge the LiveWire™ motorcycle through a SAE J1772 connector (CCS2 – IEC type 2 charging connector in European and some other international markets). All Harley-Davidson dealers who sell the LiveWire™ motorcycle will offer a public DCFC charging station. DCFC can provide a 0-80% of battery capacity in 40 minutes or 0-100% in 60 minutes.

Amazing acceleration: from 0 to 60 mph in 3.0 seconds and 60-80 in 1.9 seconds. The instant torque provided by the H-D Revelation™ electric powertrain can produce 100 percent of its rated torque once the throttle is twisted, and 100 percent of that torque is always available. Top speed is 110mph.

Twist-and-go ease of use: Livewire’s electric powertrain requires no clutch and no gear shifting, greatly simplifying operation for new riders. All riders will appreciate the braking effect of the power regeneration mode as it adds charge to the battery, especially in stop-and-go urban traffic.

Handling and control: The LiveWire motorcycle is equipped with an Electronic Chassis Control (ECC) system that utilizes the cornering-enhanced Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), Traction Control System (TCS) and Drag-Torque Slip Control System (DSCS) to monitor and manage front and rear brake torque as well as motor torque to the rear wheel to enhance rider control and balance vehicle performance across diverse riding environments. The system is fully electronic and utilizes the latest six-axis inertial measurement unit (IMU) and ABS sensor technology. The separate functions of ECC work together to give the rider more confidence and control in less-than-ideal situations.

H-D™ Connect Service: Subject to available markets, the LiveWire is equipped with H-D™ Connect, which pairs motorcycle riders with their bikes through an LTE-enabled Telematics Control Unit coupled with connectivity and cloud services using the latest version of the Harley-Davidson™ Mobile App. With H-D Connect, data is collected and transferred to the mobile app to provide information to the rider’s smartphone about:

Motorcycle status: Information available through H-D Connect includes battery charge status and available range from any location where a sufficient cellular signal is available. This allows the rider to remotely check the charge status including charge level and time to completion. Riders will be able to locate a charging station with ease thanks to an integrated location finder built into the H-D App.

Tamper alerts and vehicle location: H-D Connect indicates the location of the parked LiveWire motorcycle and alerts can be sent to the rider’s smartphone if the bike is tampered with or moved. GPS-enabled stolen-vehicle tracking provides peace of mind that the motorcycle’s location can be tracked.** 

Service reminders and notifications: Reminders about upcoming vehicle service requirements, automated service reminders and other vehicle care notifications.

Premium Components: Premium high-performance SHOWA® BFRC™ (Balanced Free Rear Cushion-lite) mono-shock rear suspension is fully adjustable and designed to deliver a comfortable ride and precise handling. Premium SHOWA® SFF-BP® (Separate Function front Fork-Big Piston) match the performance and adjustability of the rear shock and deliver exceptional low-speed damping control – ideal for composed control in typical urban riding conditions. Brembo® Monoblock front brake calipers grip dual 300 mm-diameter rotors and deliver outstanding power with a crisp feel for confident braking performance. 

Distinctive Harley-Davidson sound, minimal vibration: The H-D Revelation electric powertrain produces minimal vibration, heat, and noise, all of which enhance rider comfort. The LiveWire model is designed to produce a new signature Harley-Davidson sound as it accelerates and gains speed. This new futuristic sound represents the smooth, electric power of the LiveWire motorcycle.

For more information on the “More Roads to Harley-Davidson” plan, go to  For information about career opportunities at Harley-Davidson, including roles supporting research and development of electric products, please visit us at 

*Riding range estimates provided following SAE J2982 Riding Range Test Procedure and are based on expected performance of a fully-charged battery when operated under specified conditions.  Actual range will vary depending on riding habits, ambient weather and equipment conditions.

**(Requires law enforcement assistance. Available in select markets).

About Harley-Davidson Motor Company

Since 1903, Harley-Davidson has fulfilled dreams of personal freedom by leading the innovation of two-wheeled mobility. The company offers an expanding range of leading-edge, distinctive and customizable motorcycles and brings the brand to life through Harley-Davidson riding experiences and exceptional motorcycle parts, accessories, riding gear and apparel.

24 Hours Nonstop on a Dyno For MS Charity

On March 29th, 2019, Longhaulpaul will attempt to establish another record by riding his Yamaha motorcycle 24 hours non-stop on a dynamometer streamed LIVE, telethon style, while collecting donations for Multiple Sclerosis

GARDNER, Mass. - Feb. 3, 2019 - PRLog -- Longhaulpaul plans to establish a world record by riding a motorcycle 24 hours non-stop on a dynamometer. Streamed live on social media with hourly prizes and non-stop entertainment. 100% of proceeds go to MS Views and News, Inc. to provide educational programs and support for people living with Multiple Sclerosis.

Want to watch Longhaulpaul get a straight razor shave at 90MPH? How about eating a scorpion at 3,000 RPM? Bird Box Challenge? Eat a Tide pod? Pepsi challenge? Karaoke? How about getting a tattoo at full throttle? Would you donate to NOT see him get a pedicure at highway speeds? Anything is possible, so be prepared to tune in and egg him on by donating. Tell your friends, family and coworkers, because this will be his most entertaining fundraiser yet, and another World Record ride attempt to raise funds for MS!

Long distance motorcyclist Paul Pelland is at it again! Two world records under his belt are not enough for the man in the middle of an incredible million mile journey for Multiple Sclerosis. Here is your opportunity to become part of his inspiring story by supporting his latest endurance challenge to raise awareness and funds for people living with MS. MARK YOUR CALENDAR NOW for MARCH 29th. Paul's attempt will be streamed live on social media with a variety of planned entertainment and interactions from his supporters; telethon style. The event will raise awareness and funds to help those who struggle daily with the symptoms and progression of MS. Taking place during MS awareness month, Paul will ride his 2018 Yamaha Star Venture motorcycle without stopping or getting off while interacting and taking calls and donations live across multiple social media platforms. Despite living with MS himself, Paul has ridden over 350K miles in the last six years inspiring others while sharing his story to audiences across the country.

This live event will take place at Rob's Dyno Service facility in Gardner, MA on March 29th, 2019 beginning at noon. The intent of this event will be to raise funds to bring MS education inspiration and hope to patients and their families living in rural and remote areas of the country where it is desperately needed. Paul has raised over $150K for charity and all his fundraising efforts and events continue to support the MS community. All proceeds received from this event go directly to the 501c3 charity, MS Views and News Inc. and their Ride to Reach Rural America initiative.

Mark your calendar for March 29th and be prepared to witness some great entertainment while donating a few dollars to a great cause!

For more information about the Nonstop to Nowhere fundraiser or to donate a prize or sponsor a block of time; please contact Paul or visit Nonstop to Nowhere


Longhaulpaul Paul Pelland

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Why do we ride? Is it the mental escape? Is it the feeling of flight?

Is it capturing the unknown?

For certain it is the sensation you feel at the end of the day. The ride makes us more aware of who we are. The trail or track transports us to an indescribable state of mental and physical satisfaction. FAMILY MOTO FIRST is a motto that we live by here at FMF Racing. We are deeply rooted in this fabric, and when two wheels bring you across paths of other packs that feel your same passion, bonds are formed. This is who we are, and our trail boss friends at WLF Enduro truly live this family moto lifestyle. WLF is a hardcore off-road crew who have gained a global following by sharing their backcountry adventures, and we are stoked to be along for the ride.

For DROP 004 we decided to team up with one of WLF pack’s very own, Luke Takahashi, who is not only talented on two wheels, but also a runs a very successful business as Creative Director at at Related Grey - a graphic and 3D motion design studio - and all around legend. I have personally had the chance to follow Luke’s lead on the trails and he is definitely a boss. Seeing him progress each time, and the enthusiasm he has for two wheels, is why we do what we do. The laughs, smiles, and stories are things us filthy dirtbikers all bond over, so thank you WLF Enduro and Luke for designing DROP 004.

We are now onto DROP 004 #fmfthedrop and we can’t tell you how much fun we are having with these artists’ projects and want to thank you for sticking with us on this journey, because we are all one big FAMILY MOTO FIRST!

Until next round, keep it on two and have FUN twisting that throttle!

Don Emler, Jr.