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New Doc Highlights How Isle of Man Has Become a Religious Experience

Watch Religion of Sports on Wednesdays at 8pm ET/PT on DIRECTV Channel 239.

AT&T’s AUDIENCE Network’s 
original documentary series, Religion of Sports, is back for Season 3premiering Wed, Nov. 21 at 8 p.m. ET/PT.  Co-Produced by Patriots QB Tom Brady and Hall of Fame Defensive End Michael Strahan, the series highlights various cultural and historical experiences in sports across the globe, from famous rivalries to unforgettable hardships. The first episode of Season 3 features the incredible story of the Isle of Man TT.  Located on a small island between Ireland and North England, this story follows the most dangerous motorcycle race in the world, featuring riders who navigate old, windy roads of a small English village at speeds close to 200 mph.


Brady and Strahan teamed up with award-winning filmmaker Gotham Chopra to create this inspiring series in order to showcase the beauty of the cultural and societal impact sports have around the world.


 Harley-Davidson Releases Further Details on 2019 LiveWire at EICMA Show

LIveWire 2.jpg

MILWAUKEE (November 6, 2018) Today the all-new electric Harley-Davidson® LiveWire™ made its European debut at the Milan press conference of the EICMA show. Today’s announcement reveals eagerly-awaited specification and details about LiveWire, which was unveiled in Milwaukee during the company’s 115th Anniversary this past Labor Day weekend.

Due for release in 2019 and being shown at the event as a production-ready motorcycle, LiveWire was first confirmed during the announcement of the company’s “More Roads to Harley-Davidson.” On July 30, 2018, Harley-Davidson shared plans to accelerate its strategy to build the next generation of riders globally. Leveraging core strengths in the business, brand and dealer network, the company intends to invest in opportunities that inspire increased ridership sooner and deliver sustainable growth for the future. As part this accelerated plan, Harley-Davidson intends to be the world leader in the electrification of motorcycles, and is aggressively, but wisely, investing in electric vehicle technology. Harley-Davidson is excited about the future of electric motorcycles and expects to deliver a full portfolio of electric motorcycles by 2022.


The vision behind the production LiveWire motorcycle began with Project LiveWire, revealed as a prototype in 2014 as an effort to gauge the potential of an electric-powered motorcycle as envisioned by Harley-Davidson. Drawing from the experiences of the Project LiveWire demo tour and following an intensive development program the Harley-Davidson LiveWire model offers the rider a new, high-performance motorcycling experience. Propelled by the immediate torque of an all-electric motor, the LiveWire motorcycle is capable of astounding acceleration with just a twist of the throttle – no clutching or gear shifting required. A low center of gravity, rigid aluminum frame and premium adjustable suspension components give the LiveWire dynamic handling. Performance and range are optimized for the urban street-rider.


The LiveWire motorcycle is powered by a permanent magnet electric motor that produces instant torque the moment that throttle is twisted– which results in incredible acceleration performance for a thrilling ride. The motor is located low in the motorcycle to lower the center of gravity and help the motorcycle handle well at all speeds and easy to control when stopped. The LiveWire model is designed to produce a tone that increases in pitch and volume with speed –a new sound that represents the smooth, electric power of the LiveWire motorcycle.


Powertrain performance is maximized by a chassis designed to deliver nimble, agile handling for confident control on urban streets and a thrilling ride on curving backroads. Combining the powertrain as a stressed member within the aluminum frame to increase rigidity, the LiveWire features premium high-performance fully adjustable Showa® suspension. The Showa® BFRC-lite® (Balanced Free Rear Cushion-lite) mono-shock rear suspension is complimented by Showa SFF-BP® (Separate Function Fork-Big Piston®) up front, balanced to match the performance and adjustability of the rear shock and deliver exceptional low-speed damping control – ideal for composed control in typical urban riding conditions.

LiveWire 11.6 Alt.jpg

To improve the control and performance of the motorcycle further LiveWire is fitted with Brembo Monoblock front brake calipers gripping dual 300 mm-diameter discs to deliver outstanding power with a crisp feel for confident braking performance. Confidence when riding is boosted with cornering-enhanced Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) and Traction Control System (TCS) – both of which are standard features on the LiveWire model – and co-branded H-D/Michelin Scorcher tires (180mm rear/120mm front). The rider can also tailor the performance of LiveWire with seven selectable riding modes – four of which are set as standard from the factory and a further three modes that can be defined by the user. 


A color touch screen TFT display (thin-film-transistor, a type of liquid-crystal display noted for high image quality and contrast) located above the handlebar offers the rider a wide range of information on a screen that’s bright and easy to read. The display unit is tilt-adjustable to afford most riders a perfect viewing angle. The TFT screen also allows the rider to access the interface for Bluetooth connectivity, navigation, music and more.

The LiveWire motorcycle features a RESS (Rechargeable Energy Storage System, or the main battery) composed of lithium-ion cells surrounded by a finned, cast-aluminum housing. The LiveWire motorcycle is also equipped with a small 12-volt lithium-ion battery that powers the lights, controls, horn and instrument display. Charging can be completed using the on-board Level 1 charger that plugs into a standard household outlet with a power cord that stores below the motorcycle seat. LiveWire can also be charged with a Level 2 or Level 3, DC Fast Charge (DCFC), through a SAE J1772 connector, (USA), or CCS2 – IEC type 2 charging connector in international markets. All Harley-Davidson dealers who sell the LiveWire motorcycle will offer a public charging station with DCFC.

LiveWire 11.6.jpg


The LiveWire’s style is just as stunning as the performance and follows a key Harley-Davidson styling dictum: the focus is on the motor. Just as the V-Twin engine is the most eye-catching element – the crown jewel – of every previous Harley-Davidson motorcycle, the electric motor is the first-look focus of the LiveWire motorcycle. Its bright case and mechanical, muscular shape is meant to convey the power it contains. In addition, the cast-aluminum case for the RESS has been styled with functional cooling fins. The bodywork, finished utilizing advanced paint technology to give the look of anodized metal, flows from a battery cover through to a high, wasp-like contoured tail section, with a rear fender that hugs the wheel so tightly that it almost disappears from sight.

The all-new Harley-Davidson LiveWire will be on sale next year, and further details regarding pricing and pre-order process will be released in January 2019. Please visit for details.

About Harley-Davidson Motor Company® 

Since 1903, Harley-Davidson Motor Company has fulfilled dreams of personal freedom with cruiser, touring and custom motorcycles, riding experiences and events, and a complete line of Harley-Davidson motorcycle parts, accessories, general merchandise, riding gear and apparel. For more information, visit


First Bike Delivered In North America!


07 Moto Guzzi V85 TT.jpg




Almost a century of tradition, passion, and significant commercial and sporting success; almost a century of magnificent motorcycles all built in Mandello del Lario, combining the best technologies with first-rate Italian manufacturing techniques: Moto Guzzi values since 1921.

Moto Guzzi V85 TT is created in keeping with this strong identity, skillfully balancing that classic, evocative style with cutting-edge technical equipment. Presented at EICMA 2017, and having kept to its development and production schedule, the new Moto Guzzi reflects a construction philosophy in which simplicity, practicality and lightness make for an unfiltered relationship between motorcycle and rider.

09 Moto Guzzi V85 TT.jpg

Travelling to Live, the V85 TT is the All-Terrain Machine for Adventure Every Day

The TT acronym, already a part of Moto Guzzi tradition, is an ideal fit for the V85: meaning “tutto terreno”, or all-terrain, it identifies a motorcycle dedicated to travel in its purest and most original form, conjuring up clear images of desert adventures such as the Paris-Dakar. The famous African race was at its peak as the 1980s dawned... Taking center stage was man, ever intent on challenging nature and himself, in total harmony with his motorcycle. A compass, road book and watch were the only navigational tools with which to reach the final destination of Lac Rose, which remained just a dream for many. The goal was not just to compete, but to discover unique places, a value that V85 TT wants to reinstate.

Moto Guzzi V85 TT is the new and original all-terrain that combines style features reminiscent of the golden age of motorcycle adventures with the content and functionality of a modern touring enduro. V85 TT is dedicated to those who, while still dreaming of the Dakar, seek a motorcycle that can also inject adventurous spirit into the everyday journey.

12 Moto Guzzi V85 TT.jpg

 Style: V85 TT is the Classic Travel Enduro

The fundamental concepts at the heart of the V85 TT project are simplicity, ease and practicality, values typical of those 80s enduro bikes that could be used for anything, from the daily commute to adventurous trips, yet also values that are gradually getting lost in an increasingly homologated market, where ranges favor significant size and weight. Moto Guzzi V85 TT achieves its ambitious goal of combining a style based on said values with the needs of a modern touring enduro. This is why it deserves the title of classic enduro, dedicated to touring. Its design combines technology and functionality, with typical Moto Guzzi traits to ensure durability. The desire for simple shapes is clear: with no kind of fairing, the V85 TT is defined by the lines of its tank, its side panels and the front mudguard, as well as its brand-new sculpted 90° V-twin engine of course.

Designed with proportions that are anything but prohibitive, accessible to riders of all sizes and experience, and narrow in girth to allow freedom of movement, the V85 TT ensures an optimal ride for rider and passenger. Comfort and usability are never compromised, for a motorcycle that is comfortable in two, even at full load. Air protection is ensured by a smoke plexiglass windscreen, its shapes researched in the wind tunnel; the pair of handguards installed on the handlebar protect extremities against bad weather and the cold, helping to make the V85 TT the ideal companion in any season. The design of the 21-litre tank (able to guarantee mileage of over 400 km) harks back to the tradition of Moto Guzzi bikes kitted out for African raids and boasts some meticulously crafted details, such as the slots on the front section and the recesses just above the engine heads, which appear to be generated by the twin itself.

Extensive research was carried out in defining the contact area with the seat, in order to ensure optimum riding comfort when seated and freedom of movement when standing during typical off-road riding. The seat is 830 mm from the ground, allowing feet to easily touch for optimum control when maneuvering a stationary bike, also thanks to the compactness of the under body and an overall weight reduced to just 208 kg (dry weight). The riding position is erect, with relaxed back, legs that are barely flexed and correctly bent arms to effectively grip the wide variable section aluminum handlebars, for total control.

Under the seat is a practical storage compartment. The high front mudguard and beautiful double front headlight are also in keeping with Moto Guzzi history, these stylish and functional solutions already present on the 1996 NTX 650 and the 1989 Quota 1000 respectively. Classic all-terrain style features (including fork stanchion protection, an exhaust system with high silencer and the aluminum engine sump guard) are combined with technologically cutting-edge elements, such as the digital instrument cluster and the series of LED lights on the headlamp with DRL that trace the shape of the Moto Guzzi eagle.


Chassis: For the Utmost Riding Pleasure and Ease

That Moto Guzzi ability to build superb chassis is once again confirmed with the V85 TT. Only the new Moto Guzzi can boast such a solid and precise front end as it enters a corner; only V85 TT is able to give the rider such a sense of control and safety while seeking excitement on the road. Much of this is down to the particular layout of the high resistance steel tubular frame, complete with beautiful rider footpeg support plates in die-cast aluminum (with removable rubber for off-road riding). As well as being completely new, it has no lower cradle, thus reducing weight while increasing engine clearance from the ground, essential when it comes to off-road riding. In pursuit of lightness, rationality and accessibility, it exploits the specific anchorage of the engine to create a rigid structure that restores precision and rigor on the road as well as robustness as well as the right feel for off-road riding. The rear part of the frame is designed to optimize load capacity and offer the passenger two wide and practical grab handles. A case can be mounted on the practical rear luggage rack, while optional panniers can be fastened to the sides, for significantly reduced lateral bulk.

Reduced longitudinal development of the new small block engine allows for a very long swingarm, for safe and intuitive riding. The new asymmetric unit in box-type aluminum features a curved left arm, for a very linear exhaust pipe design and a reduction of lateral bulk. The right arm of the swingarm houses the new shaft drive transmission. V85 TT is the only bike in its segment to use shaft drive transmission, prioritized over a chain drive because it makes no mess and requires no maintenance. The single shock absorber connects the chassis directly to the right arm of the swingarm, a solution that facilitates access to the hydraulic and spring preload adjustments, thus allowing free space for the exhaust system layout. The suspension offers very generous wheel travel (equal to 170 mm for both wheels) for satisfying off-road use, thanks also to significant engine ground clearance of 210 mm (the engine protected by an aluminum sump guard), while also ensuring comfort on the road. The fork (with 41 mm stanchions) and shock with separate tank are both adjustable in terms of shock preload and hydraulic rebound. The braking system is of superior quality, comprising a double 320 mm steel front disc with two radial-mounted Brembo calipers with 4 opposed pistons, connected to the pump at the handlebar with metal trellis tubing. At the rear is a 260 mm steel floating caliper with 2 pistons. The unit is controlled by a multimap Continental ABS system. The spoked wheels mount 17” and 19” tires (respectively 150/70-17 and 110/80-19), measurements that will also satisfy off-road enthusiasts.

04 Moto Guzzi V85 TT.jpg


A New Engine, a Future Classic

The V85 TT introduces a new Moto Guzzi engine. Its configuration mirrors that of all Moto Guzzi bikes in production today: an air-cooled transverse 90° V twin with OHV distribution and two valves per cylinder, the pride and tradition of the Mandello Eagle. Engine capacity is 853 cc, thanks to a bore to stroke ratio of 84 x 77 mm. The most modern of all engines in the range, it can boast a ratio of almost 100 HP/liter. Thanks to its complete new design and the use of materials generally destined for race bikes, such as titanium, the new "eight and a half" is able to deliver maximum power of 80 HP and boast an impressive maximum torque value of 80 Nm at 5,000 rpm, with 90% of the torque already available at 3,750 rpm, in keeping with the tradition of the Mandello twin, which has always offered excellent drive even at very low revs. This is the first Moto Guzzi small block engine that can easily reach 8000 rpm, an aspect that showcases its modern and exuberant nature.

The crankcase is the fruit of a new design and is stiffer, in order to fulfil its new role as a stress-bearing element in the frame, introducing new frame connections and strengthening elements in the internal stud bolt area. It also features new ports in order to check the oil level in the lower semi-crankcase. Lubrication involves a semi dry sump, with two coaxial pumps tasked with oil delivery and recovery that ensure excellent lubrication and do away with the need for an oil radiator, thus reducing the overall weight. The semi dry sump solution allows for a totally isolated crankcase chamber, preventing any power absorption that would occur with a dry sump system, where the piston also has to overcome the counter-pressure inside the sump. The oil circuit is totally new and features holes of different diameters, with one of the two pumps transferring lubricant from the crankcase chamber to the sump. The latter is reduced in size to increase ground clearance and allow for assembly of the protective aluminum under-sump. The whole crankshaft is new and, together with the piston rods, also new, allows for a reduction in weight of almost 30% with respect to other small block engines, upping throttle response speed while significantly reducing any vibration. The upper section of the twin engine is also totally new: in keeping with Moto Guzzi identity, OHV distribution with two valves per cylinder is retained, though the system and materials used are all new. Cylinders are of reduced height, while new and efficient oil passages and a brand-new fastening system to the crankcase ensure robustness and reliability. The heads have new special-shaped mix entry ducts and links. One of the stand-out aspects of a Moto Guzzi engine is its distribution, complete with aluminum roller cams and rocker arm pushrods. The use of 42.5 mm titanium intake valves, which weigh half of those in steel, has allowed for much more radical opening timing, to the benefit of maximum power. Low-profile pistons are used, with 20 mm pins, as well as new head and plug covers that differ in shape, while the flywheel and generator have been boosted. Injection makes use of a single 52 mm throttle body, while electronic management is entrusted to a multimap Ride-by-Wire throttle control, a solution that allows for delicate and scrupulous control of valve opening, not only optimizing overall efficiency for a smooth, rich delivery, but also saving on fuel. The new Moto Guzzi engine is in fact very frugal in terms of consumption: it has few components that absorb power (OHV distribution is one of the most frugal in terms of power absorption) and has no cooling circuit pump or long drive chains or belts.

Significant work has been done on the gearbox to make it smoother and more precise. The gearbox and clutch housing make for increased ground clearance; the dry clutch exploits a reinforcement disc under the clutch plate as well as a new clutch disc; a triple ring system is also introduced for the first time: a synchronizer that reduces gear noise to a minimum, particularly that of first gear. The ratios are new. In addition, the gears gain flexible coupling, for even smoother final transmission at the PTO shaft, this too new. Lastly, the swingarm housing zone is sized accordingly and features large diameter bearings.


First-Rate Technology and Content

For the V85 TT project to achieve its main goal, or rather to satisfy Guzzista in their daily riding as well as in their touring and adventurous off-road riding, Moto Guzzi has designed a complete range of standard electronic equipment, without any inopportune technological overload, for maximum travel enjoyment. To make life on board easier and safer, Moto Guzzi introduces three different riding modes on the V85 TT: Road, Rain and Off-road. Each of these Riding Modes corresponds to a different engine mapping and a different ABS and MGCT traction control calibration, as well as a different response from the Ride-by-Wire accelerator control:


-       Road: designed for smooth riding while still retaining an element of fun. Foresees a medium level of MGCT traction control calibration, ABS active on both channels and a prompt throttle response.

-       Rain: ideal in situations of reduced grip, to ensure maximum safety while riding. Foresees a higher level of traction control calibration, ABS active at both wheels and a gentler throttle response.

-       Off-road: the setting for the all-terrain soul of the V85 TT, designed to make the most of the chassis and engine during off-road exploits. Foresees the lowest level of traction control intervention, ABS only active at the front wheel with dedicated calibration (and with the possibility to deactivate it at the front wheel), along with a gentler throttle response assisted by greater engine braking.

The rider need only select the preferred mode, safe in the knowledge that Moto Guzzi has developed the best possible electronic configuration for each Riding Mode.

V85 TT is also equipped with Cruise Control, so that a pre-set speed can be maintained without acting on the accelerator. This system is also designed to make a rider's journey easier, just one button needed to activate and engage the system and increase/reduce the set speed.

All travel parameters can be controlled via the digital instrument cluster complete with TFT display. The background and color of the characters adapt to different light conditions thanks to a built-in sensor. The information displayed, in addition to the classic speedometer, rev counter, mileage counter and clock, also includes selected gear indices, air temperature, fuel level, average and current consumption, residual autonomy and selected Riding Mode. It is also possible to set a maximum number of revs for the gear shift light sensor, useful when running in the bike or seeking to limit fuel consumption as far as possible. Alongside the display is a USB port while provision is made for a second port under the seat.

Moto Guzzi V85 TT presents MIA, the new Moto Guzzi multimedia platform that allows a smartphone to be connected to the vehicle (via an ECU available in the rich catalogue of Moto Guzzi accessories), thus extending instrument functionality. MIA can be used to reproduce music and make/receive phone calls with the use of a helmet intercom. It also introduces a navigation function for the first time, allowing the rider to find and set a destination and view directions in the form of intuitive pictographs on the instrument cluster.


The Moto Guzzi Off-Road Tradition

Moto Guzzi boasts a solid off-road tradition: initial proof of this came at the Six Day Reliability Trial in 1939, which took place in Austria, where Moto Guzzi participated with the GT 20, winning four gold medals. This reliability trend continued in 1957, with the Lodola Regolarità, and then with the Stornello Regolarità in 1962. Moto Guzzi bikes have participated in various editions of the Paris-Dakar, albeit in an unofficial capacity, thanks to race versions prepared on the request of Guzzisti. Already present at the first 1979 edition with a modified V50, rider Bernard Rigoni managed to finish the race mid-field, a very positive result considering that the classification combined both cars and bikes at that time. Moto Guzzi motorcycles immediately earned the respect of the other manufacturers involved, due to the speed-related performance achieved by the 90° transverse V twin together with its reduced fuel consumption and excellent chassis stability. It went on to compete again in 1980 and 1981, though its most famous appearances are those of 1985 and 1986, owing to the great passion and dedication of a Guzzista architect called Claudio Torri, who commissioned the Mandello Test Department with building a very special V65 TT. The engine was based on that of the V65, tuned to 55 HP; the frame was significantly strengthened, while suspension was specifically configured for off-road usage. The original fuel tank was replaced with a 50-liter aluminum tank, while the swingarm was taken from the sporty Le Mans 1000. The bike behaved well, so much so that the French importer requested 16 units to sell to private riders for use during subsequent seasons; at the same time the importer also asked Moto Guzzi to develop a new model, based on the more high-performance V75 with four valve timing. The V75 TT was accredited with 62 HP that allowed for a top speed in excess of 170 Km/h. Both bikes are part of a collection of more than 150 models exhibited at the Moto Guzzi museum in Mandello del Lario.


A Vast Range of Accessories, Designed and Created by Moto Guzzi

The V85 TT is designed to be equipped with a series of original accessories, to amplify the touring vocation of this adventurous enduro. 

All accessories are conceived, designed and produced by Moto Guzzi. They are all homologated and subjected to strict control test cycles just like any other original part on the bike in order to guarantee a long-lasting and high-quality product.

Pair of side panniers: created in 1.5 mm aluminum, they are ultra-resistant and spacious (33-litre left pannier; 39-liter right pannier). The panniers are powder painted to offer maximum protection and durability over time. They are locked to the bike using a dedicated safety key and can be easily removed in just a few seconds. Additional lock blocks are supplied in order to be able to use just one key also for the 41-liter case. Opening from the top facilitates loading. Stainless steel supports are included in the kit. Internal bags and a thermoformed tray are available as accessories.

41-liter aluminum case: created in 1.5 mm aluminum, it is ultra-resistant and spacious. The case is powder painted to offer maximum protection and durability over time. It is locked to the bike using a dedicated safety key and can be easily removed in just a few seconds. Complete with stainless steel fastening plate.

Larger windscreen: offers the rider greater protection during long trips. The anti-impact, scratch-proof polycarbonate sheet guarantees safety while ensuring that transparency and shine will remain unaltered over time.

Center stand: created in cataphoretic and powder coated steel to stand up to different weather conditions, it has been designed and engineered to meet with the strictest safety and resistance standards.

Larger stand base: created in anodized steel to stand up to different weather conditions, it is designed to offer a greater support surface area on irregular and uneven ground.

Öhlins shocks: with adjustable compression, rebound and spring preload, they offer maximum comfort and safety in all situations.

Moto Guzzi exhaust by Arrow: homologated in titanium with a heat protection cover, support clamp and carbon end cap. It reduces the weight and makes for a unique and aggressive sound.

Shaft drive protection: Created with very thick steel tubes, it protects the shaft drive in case of a crash.

Tubular engine guard bar: Created with very thick steel tubes, it specifically protects the engine and the rider's legs.

Comfort seats: a complete range of seats that increase comfort levels thanks to a special 3D insert. Available in three different heights.

Clutch and brake lever: machined from solid, they improve ergonomics by offering four-position adjustment.

Additional LED lights: with an aluminum body and contained size, the lights use limited power. They integrate perfectly with the bike and allow for greater visibility and safety during night-time riding.

Foldaway mirrors: They fold in on themselves towards the handlebar, to reduce bulk during off-road use.

Mudguard: Created in injected plastic material, it is mounted on the shaft drive and protects the engine from stones and water.

Sport Adventure tires: Michelin Anakee Adventure, as standard on special versions.

High grip brake pedal: laser-cut and power painted in a resistant material. Ensures perfect grip even in the most extreme situations.

Moto Guzzi Multi-media Platform: the new device that allows for a smartphone to be connected to the bike, transforming it into a real multimedia platform.

Electronic anti-theft system: comprises a compact and technologically advanced ECU that is easy to install. Complete with remote control. The system is self-powered with minimum energy absorption.

Light protection: an anti-impact, scratch-proof polycarbonate sheet. Protects the light from any impact or accidental damage. Particularly useful on off-road routes.

Tool bag: created in leather, it can be affixed to the luggage rack with screws. Practical for keeping all those tools needed for an emergency repair (tools not included).


Fuel tank cover: in adhesive 3D material, they provide superficial protection for the tank and limit rider sliding.


Moto Guzzi V85 TT: technical specifications




Transverse 90° V twin, two valves per cylinder (titanium intake).



Engine capacity

853 cc

Bore and stroke

84 x 77 mm

Compression ratio

10.5: 1

Maximum power

80 HP (59 kW) at 7,750 rpm


80 Nm at 5,000 rpm

Fuel system

Electronic injection; Ø 52 mm single throttle body, Ride-by-Wire

Fuel tank capacity

21 liters (including 5-liter reserve)


Euro 4

Consumption (WMTC cycle)

4.9 l/100 km

CO2 Emissions (WMTC cycle)

118 g/km




Dry single disc


6 gears

Gear ratio values

1st 16/39 = 1: 2.437

2nd 18/32 = 1: 1.778

3rd 21/28 = 1: 1.333

4th 24/26 = 1: 1.083

5th 25/24 = 1: 0.960

6th 27/24 = 1: 0.889



High strength steel tubular frame

Front suspension

41 mm hydraulic telescopic USD fork, with adjustable spring preload and hydraulic rebound

Front wheel travel

170 mm

Rear suspension

Double-sided swingarm in box-type aluminum with a single shock on the right side, with adjustable spring preload and hydraulic rebound

Rear wheel travel

170 mm

Front brake

Double 320 mm stainless steel floating discs, Brembo radial-mounted calipers with 4 opposed pistons

Rear brake

Ø 260 mm stainless steel disc, floating caliper with 2 pistons



Front wheel rim

2.50” x 19”

Rear wheel rim

4.25” x 17”

Front tire

With air chamber 110/80 - R19”

Rear tire

With air chamber 150/70 - R17”



A/C generator

430 W

System voltage

12 V


12V – 12 Ah



Saddle height

830 mm

Dry weight

208 kg

Curb weight*

229 kg

* Weight with motorcycle ready for use, with all operating fluids and 90% fuel.




53306_Svartpilen 701 2019.jpg

Husqvarna Motorcycles is proud to present the production SVARTPILEN 701 and VITPILEN 701 AERO concept models, while also unveiling the EE 5 electric minicycle at EICMA 2018. Further advancing their progressive vision of street motorcycling, Husqvarna Motorcycles also takes a first step into electric mobility with the EE 5 machine.

Inspired by the resurgence of the iconic flat track scene, the all-new SVARTPILEN 701 production model marks the next step in Husqvarna Motorcycles’ return to the street. It is a modern and innovative naked bike completely free of excess that aims to appeal to an entirely new generation of motorcycle users.

Making its first global appearance at EICMA, the VITPILEN 701 AERO concept model pays tribute to an iconic era of motorcycling. Contrasting the lines of a classic faired racer with modern styling, it is a high-performance concept machine that offers a more race-oriented glimpse on Husqvarna Motorcycles’ future steps in the street segment.

Drawing on Husqvarna’s rich history in top-level motocross competition, the EE 5 is an electric minicycle that features a 5 kW electric motor and is designed for aspiring young riders starting out in the exciting world of dirt biking.


The SVARTPILEN 701 street explorer is a flat-track-inspired machine created for the new generation of freethinking motorcyclists. Devoid of any excess, it appeals to riders less interested in the hype and overstatement of modern day motorcycling – those who prefer a simpler, timeless design.

Inspired by the brand’s Swedish heritage, the SVARTPILEN 701 is a progressive motorcycle that demands to be ridden. It is powered by a lightweight 4-stroke single-cylinder engine that offers outstanding performance. Featuring the latest technology in terms of design and electronics, the engine combines optimum reliability with unmatched riding efficiency.

The lightweight and powerful engine is housed within a stripped-down chassis and bodywork layout to provide a raw and authentic riding experience. Using high-grade chromium molybdenum steel, the trellis frame provides precise handling and ultimate confidence in all riding conditions.

With the SVARTPILEN 701 featuring high quality and fully-adjustable WP suspension, exceptional stopping power is guaranteed by the combination of Brembo brakes with Bosch’s latest ABS system. The all-new SVARTPILEN 701 will be available at authorized Husqvarna Motorcycles dealers early in spring of 2019.


=>Simple yet progressive design

=>Chromium-molybdenum steel trellis frame

=>The most advanced single cylinder engine on the market

=>High quality components & technology as standard

=>Ride-by-wire throttle

=>Cutting edge switchable ABS

=>Slipper clutch

=>Up/down quickshifter

=>Extensive range of dedicated Husqvarna accessories


53724_Vitpilen 701 Aero Concept.jpg

The VITPILEN 701 AERO concept is a modern faired sport bike with an innovative design approach that pays its respect to the past. Built around a modern single-cylinder engine with an elevated power output, it features a sporty look that hints at the potential for a more performance-oriented future for Husqvarna Motorcycles’ street range.

Featuring a lower and more locked-in position, the VITPILEN 701 AERO concept offers a fully immersive riding experience. Combining an appealing classic design with thrilling performance, it aims to deliver an experience that recaptures the pure exhilaration of riding a motorcycle.

EE 5

All-new for MY20, the EE 5 is Husqvarna Motorcycles’ first step into the fast-paced world of electric motorcycles. Dedicated to young and aspiring riders, it combines the latest in high-quality componentry with a design that clearly identifies with Husqvarna Motorcycles’ values.

53384_HQV E-E5 Mini front ri_MY19.jpg

Fully adaptable and adjustable, it is an easy-to-use minicycle that allows up and coming riders to enter the exciting world of offroad motorcycling with confidence. The new EE 5 machine will be available at authorised Husqvarna Motorcycles dealers during fall 2019.


=>State-of-the-art electric motor with 5 kW peak performance

=>Six different ride modes

=>907 Wh Li-ion battery

=>Quick charging

=>High-end chassis with race proven technology

=>Modern, Swedish-inspired design

=>Ergonomic bodywork & adjustable seat height

=>WP suspension offering advanced performance & control  

All three exciting new machines will be presented throughout the duration of the 2018 EICMA motorcycle show in Milan. These latest additions to the brand’s pioneering model line-up will be on display alongside the updated collection of dedicated street clothing and accessories, and full line-up of motocross, supermoto and enduro machines, on the Husqvarna Motorcycles booth, Hall 13, booth I-86.

CAKE’s Limited Edition Kalk Comes to North America

First Bike Delivered In North America!

CAKE Limited Edition Kalk deliveries continue with Alex Bogusky as first North American customer

First US customer.jpg

– CAKE, the Swedish manufacturer of lightweight electric off-road performance motorcycles, today announced that Alex Bogusky, co-founder and Chief Creative Engineer at Crispin Porter + Bogusky, is the first customer in North America to receive the CAKE Kalk Limited Edition bike. The bike was delivered Thursday morning at the Crispin Porter + Bogusky offices in Boulder, Colorado.

“Total game changer! I’ve been drooling over these ultra lightweight electric off-road bikes from CAKE since I first spotted them at the Outdoor Retailer Show, earlier this year. I had to have one and now I’m proud to have the first Limited Edition CAKE Kalk on US soil! 
Amazing performance, light, quiet, clean, easy to ride, and no tinkering. This will disrupt the industry and bring entirely new people into the market. Can’t wait to get out," exclaimed Alex Bogusky, Chief Creative Engineer, Crispin Porter + Bogusky.

Built with a purpose to inspire people to contribute to speeding up the journey towards a zero emission society by combining excitement and responsibility, CAKE first launched this past January at the Outdoor Retailer Show. While announcing its first model, the Kalk, CAKE opened up pre-orders for a Limited Edition bike at the same time. Inventory sold out in less than two and a half weeks to customers from 15 countries around the world.


“It’s somewhat unreal being at this stage,” says Stefan Ytterborn, founder and CEO of CAKE. “To have these motorbikes in the hands of customers is a stage we’re all proud to be at. Our next important step is to continue deliveries in both the U.S. and around the world.”
CAKE will continue to deliver the Limited Edition bikes throughout the fall, leading into deliveries of the production series Kalk this January. The Kalk costs $13,000 USD, and is now available now for order on with a deposit of $1,000 USD.



Take a look back at one of this summer's most fun events. 700 motorcycle freaks partying in the woods of Northern California has to be a good time, right? Add in spectacular backroad riding, perfect weather, great bands, amateur karaoke and you've got a weekend that can't be beat.

Word on the street is next year's dates are gonna be July 19-21. Stay tuned to for more details as they emerge.



New Flat Track Inspired Street Bike Draws From Indian Motorcycle’s Storied History & Success in Flat Track Racing 

All-New Platform Combines Flat Tracker Styling with Powerful New Liquid-Cooled V-Twin Engine with 120 Horsepower 

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COLOGNE, GERMANY (October 1, 2018) –Today Indian Motorcycle, America’s First Motorcycle Company, set a new standard for American motorcycling with the unveiling of the FTR 1200 and FTR 1200 S.  The FTR platform proudly breaks new ground and answers the call of enthusiasts around the world anxiously awaiting its debut. 

Inspired by Indian Motorcycle’s storied history and success in flat track racing, the FTR 1200 and FTR 1200 S take design and styling cues from the championship-winning FTR750 race bike that has dominated American Flat Track since it was introduced in 2016. It also takes styling inspiration from the FTR1200 Custom, unveiled a year ago as an exploration of what a flat track-inspired street bike could be.  The platform delivers an American motorcycle with true flat tracker style and the performance to back it up.

The FTR 1200 combines race inspired design and nimble handling with an upright riding position to create a commanding riding experience. A new 1203cc V-Twin engine with approximately 120 horsepower makes sure every rider feels like a pro when they twist the throttle. The new platform is a key component in the company’s broader mission to expand its global appeal and reach new riders. 

“Our vision from the beginning was to be more than a traditional American V-twin brand. We continually seek to broaden Indian Motorcycle’s reach to a wider range of riders, and FTR 1200 represents a significant step forward in that strategy,” said Steve Menneto, President, Indian Motorcycle. “Indian Motorcycle was founded on performance and innovation, and we remain grounded by our founder’s mindset of constantly pushing forward. In light of that history, the FTR 1200 is a natural extension for the brand that we couldn’t be more excited about.”

Housed in a trellis frame with a sporty riding position, both models feature an inverted front suspension with radially mounted dual Brembo brakes for exceptional control and stopping power. The fuel tank is strategically located under the seat for a lower center of gravity and more centralized weight distribution. Similar to the FTR750 race bike, the airbox is positioned directly above the engine to optimize airflow and maximize power. Both models feature a similar rear suspension and swingarm design as the FTR750 to not only provide a race bike look, but also ensure maximum grip and compliance on even the roughest of roads. Newly-developed Dunlop street tires with flat track-inspired tread, a chain final drive, and ProTaper flat tracker aluminum handlebars complete the race bike look. 

“This is an extremely exciting platform for us, and after investing such a significant amount of time, expertise and energy in the design process, it’s an incredible feeling to finally show the world these motorcycles,” said Rich Christoph, the Indian Motorcycle Senior Designer who was also instrumental in the design of the FTR750 and FTR1200 Custom.  “Our primary focus was to ensure these motorcycles carried the same lines and form language as the FTR750 and 1200 Custom.  We knew that’s what riders around the world fell in love with.  I couldn’t be more proud to turn the FTR750 into a flat tracker for the street and help launch Indian into a new era.” 

Adding to the design is a host of premium features and ride-enhancing technologies. The FTR 1200 and FTR 1200 S models both feature full LED lighting, including a new headlight that provides an unmistakeable face for the platform, a fast-charge USB port to easily charge mobile devices, anti-lock brakes (ABS) and cruise control for a comfortable ride. 

Propelling both models is a powerful new liquid-cooled 1203cc V-twin engine making approximately 120 horsepower and 85 ft-lbs of torque.  A flat torque curve ensures a progressive, predictable power delivery with loads of low-end punch and flexibility. The engine features a 12.5:1 compression ratio, high flow cylinder heads, and dual throttle bodies for optimal airflow and power.  Additionally, the engine makes wide use of magnesium to reduce weight and utilizes a low-inertia crankshaft that allows the engine to rev to its redline quickly for thrilling acceleration. 

The FTR 1200 S features all that and more, including: 

Fully adjustable front and rear piggy-back suspension with preload, compression, and rebound adjustments so riders can perfectly match the bike to their personal riding style 

4.3-inch customizable Ride Command LCD touch screen with Bluetooth for easy mobile device pairing

Lean-angle sensitive stability control, ABS, traction control, and wheelie mitigation control for improved confidence and control

Three Ride Modes (Sport, Standard, Rain) with unique throttle response and traction control intervention levels

The new platform underwent extensive development and testing to ensure it meets Indian Motorcycle’s high quality standards and performs at the highest levels.

“These bikes have gone through a rigorous, multi-year design and testing process to ensure that they perform as good as they look,” explains Ben Lindaman, Indian Motorcycle Senior International Product Manager.  “The process was incredibly robust, including over one million miles logged through simulated rides.  We also accumulated tens of thousands of test miles on the street with input from racers, including our championship winning Wrecking Crew flat track team and former Grand Prix racers.”

The FTR 1200 starts at $12,999 and is available in Thunder Black, while the FTR 1200 S starts at $14,999 and is available in Indian Motorcycle Red over Steel Gray, Titanium Metallic over Thunder Black Pearl, and a Race-Replica paint scheme matching the iconic FTR750 race bike. Both models will be available in dealers in spring of 2019. 

Riders can learn more at or by visiting a local Indian Motorcycle dealer. For real-time updates on availability, sign-up for our email list on the website and follow Indian Motorcycle on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Indian Motorcycle Company is America’s First Motorcycle Company®. Founded in 1901, Indian Motorcycle has won the hearts of motorcyclists around the world and earned distinction as one of America’s most legendary and iconic brands through unrivaled racing dominance, engineering prowess and countless innovations and industry firsts. Today that heritage and passion is reignited under new brand stewardship. To learn more, please visit





LOS ALAMITOS, CA (SEPT 26, 2018) – The inaugural Moto Beach Classic in 2017 started out as a wild idea from the mind of Roland Sands and crew and developed into a Southern California motorcycle cultural explosion.  This year’s event promises everything from last year and much more, as we join forces with the Surf City Blitz and the greatest punk rock lineup in So Cal history. There are two days of punk music, motorcycle racing, surfing and moto culture taking place in two areas on the site.  

Inside the festival on the sand the Moto Beach Classic will feature 100 plus riders battling on a dirt track for the Super Hooligan National Championship series finale presented by Indian Motorcycles. The sand activation will also feature The Architects of Inspiration Art Show by Husqvarna, the Moto Classic Bike Show, West Coast Board Riders Surf Competition, Fast Surfboards Kook Box Comp and an epic vendor village, all in conjunction with stage performances by the biggest bands in OC punk history – The Offspring, Social Distortion, Pennywise, Rancid, Suicidal Tendencies, Bad Religion, FEAR, TSOL and many more. All performing on the shores of the Pacific Ocean in picturesque Huntington State Beach.

The Lot at Moto Beach Classic is located parallel to the bike path, on the asphalt just outside the festival entry. The Lot at the Moto Beach Classic will be free of charge allowing the public full access to a carnival of motorcycle activities. Anchored by the BMW Salty Sprint Races and the Vendor Row, The Lot will offer hours of daytime entertainment for everyone with the Bell Helmets Stunt Show, Mini Road Races, OEM Demo Rides and Dunlop Kids Course.  Don’t be surprised to see pop up musical performance out of vans, art and handmade items from the finest in the moto industry. Come early to check out the action, gates to The Lot open at 11:00am and close at Sunset both days.

The final two rounds of the Super Hooligan National Championship presented by Indian Motorcycles will take place on a specially constructed dirt track built on the sand. The overall series champion will be crowned and will take home a Roland Sands Design custom 2019 Indian FTR 1200. Arguably the most anticipated motorcycle of the 2019 production year. 

The BMW Salty Sprint Race in The Lot will feature a host of riders from diverse backgrounds with races both Saturday and Sunday. Saturday invited riders will race on modified BMW R nineT motorcycles for the Salty Sprint crown. On Sunday, BMW dealers are invited to race the Salty Sprints on custom and stock BMW motorcycles.   Expect a host of custom BMW to be put to the test on the asphalt sprint racetrack. 


The Architects of Inspiration presented by Husqvarna Art Show will be a unique centerpiece of the Moto Beach Classic sand display with a curated collection of installations and bikes inspired by surf, rock & moto culture.  Located next to the Super Hooligan Flat Track and the Moto Classic Custom Bike Show the art show promises a Moto and Punk Rock culture experience. 

The Moto Classic Bike Show takes a novel twist on the typical custom bike shows as we display each bike on the beach, on a raised stand backed by sand and waves. We are currently taking submissions from custom bike builders across the country for bikes ranging from mild resto-mods to wild choppers, scramblers, flat trackers, café racers and purpose built race bikes.  

The Dunlop Kids Course gives the youth a chance to spin some laps in a safe environment on STACYC Electric Stability Cycles.  We’ll also have non-motorized Strider bikes available for kids that need a little more training before they step on the electric bikes. Kid’s demos are open from 11am – 3pm both days.  The Mini Road Race will take part at the end of the sprint race course giving qualified kids and adults the chance to rip up the asphalt on small CC bikes capable of insane lean angles and rapid speeds.  

Saturday October 27th West Coast Board Riders Surf Comp surfers will battle it out in a tag team format with local legends hitting the water in head to head competition for their respective surf cities. A truly unique and exciting format that pits legendary surf cities like Huntington, Laguna, Newport and others against each other for ultimate bragging rights along with some cool trophies to the winners. Brian Bent’s Fast Surfboards and his collection of hand built “Kook Box” surf dragsters will be also be in the water and competing for top honors with a group of local hotshots vying for top speeds and stylish rides. Brian will close out the contest with a killer musical set.   


Roland Sands of RSD

“We’ve waited all year to bring motorcycle racing back to the beach and I couldn’t think of a better way to do it than partnering with Surf City Blitz and some of my favorite all time bands - Social D, the Offspring, Pennywise, Bad Religion - the list just keeps going. We’ve retained the moto soul that made the original Moto Beach Classic so special and added to it.  Super Hooligan Racing, punk rock, sprint races, stunts, art, custom bikes… Let’s get it rocking. “

Mike Ness of Social Distortion

“This is an incredible lineup of bands over two days, and combined with Roland Sand’s Moto Beach Classic, this is going to be an awesome show. To be part of an event like this that’s never been done before is pretty cool”                                                        

Saturday & Sunday General Admission tickets are $59.50 plus fees. Weekend GA tickets are $99.50 plus fees. VIP tickets are available as well. For ticket information visit For all Moto Beach Classic information please visit




Roland Sands Design is a motorcycle, product, apparel and event company that has its roots in racing, custom bike building and design. Our inspiration comes from a high-performance background that blends the love of two wheels with the desire to create unique products. We live the two-wheeled life and our crew is a diverse collection of road racers, off-road, dirt track, super moto and custom bike builders and riders. It's this diversity that allows us to work with the best in the industry on a wide variety of projects. Follow all bike builds, new products and the life and times of the Roland Sands Design crew at