Motorcycle Boy

The Legendary Tigerman

A film by James F. Coton & Masato Riesser

Step inside the world of Japanese motorcycle subculture, Bōsōzoku.



Bōsōzoku motorcycle gangs first appeared in the 1950s and popularity climbed throughout the 1980s and 1990s, peaking at an estimated 42,510 members in 1982.  Bōsōzoku style takes inspiration from American Choppers and Greasers and traditionally involves jumpsuits  or leather military jackets with baggy pants, tall boots, Hachimaki head bandanas, surgical masks, and patches displaying the Japanese Imperial Flag. This uniform became known as the tokkō-fuku (特攻服, "Special Attack Clothing"). Bōsōzoku members are known for their wild style, customizing Japanese road bikes with oversized fairings, sweeping handlebars, tall seats and extravagant paint jobs.

Produced by NOSIDE 

Cinematographer — Alexandre Jamin
Editor — Zoé Sassier
Color Grading — Robin Risser
featuring Takayuki Kaneoya — Kokoro Tanaka — Kohei Osawa 

Executive producers — Morgan Prêleur & Rémi Sello
Line producer — Aurore Taddei
Assistant producer — Cécile Augé
Japan production service — TOKYO ACT 2
Japan exec. producer —  Kenji Leprêtre Sato 
Japan production assistant — David Dicembre

Sound operator — Edan Mason
Gaffer — Ryuto Iwabuchi
1st assistant camera — Kateb
Flame artist — Francois Londard

Post-production — EVEREST STUDIO
Senior post-producer — Sylvain Obriot
Post production coordinator — Lučka Leskovec
Additional sound mixer — Damien Tronchot
Sound design supervision BMM NETWORK
Japanese translator — Yumiko Seki
Special thanks — THE SPECTER GANG, Gery Bouchez at NOD PARIS, John at KINOU PARIS, Paulo Ventura.
With the support of the CNC and SACEM