The Chase

Racing Trains in Moscow

A film by Daniel Kushnarevich

Andrey Essaulov is a coach who trains enduro riding in Moscow and he is a close friend of filmmaker Daniel Kushnarevich. They have produced several projects together and Andrey is always willing to help Daniel with his crazy ideas, but this time it was the other way around...

Daniel received a call from Andrey early one morning. He told Daniel that he found a great spot to fulfill his old idea of racing a train. They only had two days before Andrey had to leave Moscow and were only able to shoot in the early morning when the trains run. So two days in a row they woke up at 4am and standing at the first station by 6 waiting for a train. The first day was a "test" day. Andrey and his friend Alex were checking the road, speed, spots where you can go closer/further from train. Daniel shot some footage on a drone and the next day decided to bring a second cameraman, Sergey. As the guys were chasing a train Daniel was riding a Honda CL400 with Sergey on the back at the speeds of 25-30 mph. For the last train ride Sergey sat on the train and filmed the whole ride from the window.

Good times in Moscow. Thanks for watching!