Dirt Wolves

An El Solitario Story

Produced by El Solitario MC


The original idea for this film was just to show the world how bored and tired we were of road and traffic regulations, as well as all conventionalism propagated by selfish politicians that the only thing they really care about, is to leave their seat with deep pockets and a big grin. Also we wanted to show some love & respect to the awesome people that have helped us jump into the world of off road riding and showed us how its done.

But later with the deliberate burn of all the forests surrounding our schools, bars, houses and our studio, we realized it was time to rise the volume and join the fight to preserve our lives. Motorcycles have a horrible image around the world because we don’t obey, but we are among the most sustainable communities I know. We suffer the elements in our face though love and respect them. We don’t take them for granted! Of course most idiots will think that it is us, off roaders and other people that pursue their freedom in the wildlife, that are responsible for the loss of our ecosystems. Now, policymakers will try to ban motorcycles, bicycles or people walking their dog in our forests so that they can continue making money with the future of our children, unwatched.

At El Solitario we understand the need to evolve to keep it real, but human evolution has become a path of destruction. Our world is being looted and vandalized by greed and a ferocious excess of human population. Our immediate answer was to scape civilization and blend into one of the most remote and least populated areas of the country. Still human stupidity caught up with us and brought its destructive ethos along, burning our habitat. No we know that we shall do what we can to stop this. And if we need to get political and radicalize our activism on the way, so be it. This vital journey we embarked 8 years ago was intended to leave a positive imprint in our world and so we it will be!




Project Dirt Wolves, is a logical consequence of a change of paradigm for El Solitario, that kicked off with E.S. Desert Wolves. Once we got a taste of the off road life, in the African Sahara, we understood there was no way back. We still love our vintage and one-off machines, but with the escalation of road & traffic regulations they’ve become outlawed and the hassles of riding them in the open roads makes it not fun. Motorcycles have no future amigos…

So how to age recklessly, remain emotionally immature and have fun without getting arrested? Ride dirt bikes! As the letters KTM stand for, you will Keep Throwing Money every year to hurt yourself, then come home smelly, dirty, exhausted, and miserable because as usual you failed in your ongoing battle with gravity on a motorbike.

The E.S. Dirt Wolves started life as a pair of 2017 KTM EXC350/F which we modified to make overnight rides in the safest possible way. Off road riding at your 40s is a risky endeavour, so protection and functionality are the top priorities when you are set to design the perfect ride. Unlike we used to do, when designing custom bikes, when you leave the conforts of asphalt, form must follow function 100%. Even the subtlest change can make a huge difference on your performance so you need to be cautious and follow a strict plan.

As Adventure Oz says, there is no evidence of motorcycles in the after life, so we’ve decided to ride every day like if it was the last! With this clear in mind, we grabbed paper and pencil and jotted the following wishes: We want to get so lost that even the GPS quits in a puff of smoke. We want to jump into rivers, so cold, that your balls disappear for months. Also want to drink whisky around the fire, while camping under the stars. These were our plans and these are the motorcycles we designed for the task.



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