Just Go

From the Colorado Rockies to the California Coast

Words & Photos by Bree, Trevor & Tyler Monks



Beginnings: There is something about that first time. After that, it’s never the same, and the chase for that first high will never escape you. 

The idea? Ride the entire western U.S. coastline from our homes in Colorado, routing as many dirt roads and trails as we could find along the way. Some of us had spent our entire lives on motorcycles, but for no longer than a single moto. With 5,000 miles ahead of us, and our girlfriends, wives, and tents on the back, we didn’t even know if our idea was possible. That was the beauty of it. 




As a group of current and former athletes (but, more specifically, “moto lifers”), the search to fill the void is constant for us. Finding a passion as rewarding is nearly impossible, and a new self-identity even more challenging. It seems to be a common thread in our moto community that we willingly place ourselves in dangerous situations if for no other reason than a little adrenaline and to say we did it. 

So, as a group, our goals were similar: push ourselves, be open to anything, and see what happens. What we found on the road was much more than that, yet not any more complex. We picked our bikes up off the ground in the Utah canyon backcountry, struggled along the Salton Sea at 113 degrees, and even T-boned a deer in the mountains of Idaho. But we also cast our eyes on beautiful ocean headlands, hiked waterfalls with family and friends, and had our own spiritual experience with the redwoods at the end of our journey on Highway 1. All these things brought us closer to ourselves and helped us to see the reality: Life is only about moments, and opening yourself up to them is key. 




As you grow up, it seems that fear grows with you. Your childlike wonder fades into a commitment to responsibility, bravery turns into self doubt, and the thoughts of what could have been begin to creep in. 

So what sets you apart from the fearful? Forget the future, forget the past. Forget your fear; force yourself to take a chance that has an unknown ending or a blurry outcome. Embrace that inner kid again. Let yourself be scared and just go.


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