2018 Husqvarna TE 250i Intro

Words by Forrest Minchinton


Our friends at Husqvarna Motorcycles understand people like you and I.  Old souls that love two strokes, not just because of the the nostalgia of premix, but for the love of that feeling you get when you crack the throttle of a finely tuned two stroke machine. It was in the 1930’s when Husqvarna first embraced the two stroke engine and it was then that they saw the potential of the lightweight design and have continued to develop two stroke technology into the modern era.



The continued improvements over the years have now resulted in the most advanced design to date.  A pioneering effort that has resulted in a solution with clear and effective advantages for both the environment and us riders.  You can forget about premixing fuel and you can leave your jetting kits at home and just focus on riding.



Simply twist the throttle and the bike’s ECU efficiently mixes air with the optimal amount of oil based on multiple sensors into the crankcase. It then travels through the transfer port where fuel is injected in before it travels to combustion, resulting in the ever so beautiful two stroke melody that is its exhaust note. Culminating in a far more fuel efficient design than its predecessors. The future of two strokes is now fuel injected with Husqvarna’s 2018 TE 250i



 We were flown out to beautiful British Colombia, Canada to experience the new 2018 TE 250i in its element.  A ski resort with close to 6000 ft in elevation change and tight single track through the trees that had been beaten into submission the weekend prior bya local enduro race.  With Husqvarna’s Colton Haaker as our guide up the mountain, it was no easy Sunday trail ride, but straight to the deep end. A true testament to the bike’s enduro prowess. With a push of a button the two stroke came to life, a real luxury that everyone can appreciate, which of course was followed by an ear to ear grin. 



The first blip of the throttle resulted in a giggle, its hard to contain that type of excitement. We raced off the base of the ski resort with the dormant ski lift at our right looking eerily still in the summer heat.  We left behind clouds of dust, but little to no two stroke exhaust smoke, something that most of us are accustomed to seeing when riding carbureted two strokes. The deeper and steeper the trail got the more the nimble two stroke shined.  Its linear and smooth power delivery coupled with the plush WP suspension gives it unrivaled traction and the ability to lug the motor a gear high much like a 4 stroke.



As we climbed out of the trees and into the open space of what would become the race to the summit, it was apparent that we were high in elevation.  A point of elevation that would have left a conventional carbureted bike sputtering. We were short of breath and the air was crisp, but our machines didn't miss a beat as we sized up our final climb.  It would be a 1000 ft, throttle wide open and a smile from ear to ear.


Road to 2-Stroke Fuel Injection

Enjoying over 100 years of uninterrupted manufacturing while developing some of the world’s first offroad production machines, Husqvarna are true enduro pioneers. A dominant force in international competition since the late ‘60s, Husqvarna has always been a great advocate of 2-stroke technology.

Adding to their long list of ground-breaking innovations, for model year 2018 Husqvarna Motorcycles introduce their next generation fuel-injected 2-stroke TE 250i and TE 300i machines. Together with an extended list of refinements designed to further improve the performance of all TE models, the all-new 2-strokes feature revolutionary technology in the offroad competition segment. 

This pioneering electronic fuel injection system offers unprecedented advantages in terms of performance, rideability, fuel consumption and ease of use. The introduction of this new technology by Husqvarna Motorcycles is a bold new step into the future of offroad motorcycling. 



2-Stroke Electronic Fuel Injection System



The EMS features a new electronic control unit (ECU) that is responsible for a number of functions. Gathering information from the throttle position sensor, the ambient air and intake pressure sensors and the crankcase pressure and water temperature sensors, it automatically compensates for temperature and altitude changes eliminating the need to modify  carburettor jetting. A standard map select switch allows riders to customise power characteristics according to personal preference or in varying conditions.



Both models feature a 39 mm Dell´ Orto throttle body that is linked to the new dual cable handlebar throttle assembly. With a new throttle position sensor (TPS) res optimal air, fuel and oil mixture. Additionally, the system features a bypass screw for idling speed regulation, with a cold start device providing more air for cold starts.




For MY18 two inlet positions are located on the transfer ports at the rear of the cylinder where pair of fuel injectors are mounted. The injectors deliver the fuel downwards into the transfer ports, which guarantees excellent atomisation with the air travelling upward to the combustion chamber. This ensures a mor burn of the air/fuel mixture resulting in reduced fuel consumption and emissions.



Vital for crankshaft, cylinder and piston lubrication, the 2-stroke oil is stored in a separate tank that together with an electronic oil pump eliminate the need for pre-mixing. Wough the upper frame, the 0.7 litrolled by the EMS, the oil pump delivers the ideal amount of oil according to the current RPM and engine load reducing waste as well as excessive smoke from the exhaust. The average ratio achieved for fuel/oil is 80:1.FUEL TANK The two models feature a fuel tank made of translucent plastic so the fuel level can be checked quickly  and easily. The fuel tank has a 9.25 litre capacity and houses an integrated fuel pump and fuel level sensor.



+ Fuel injectors at the transfer ports – ideal amount of fuel in all conditions

+ Oil pump & oil tank – convenient, eliminates pre-mix

+ 39 mm throttle body – r, TPS relays airflow data

+ New EMS – modern engine management, no need for jetting changes

+ Standard map select – customise power characteristics

+ Frame integrated Oil Filler Cap - Simple refills

+ Translucent fuel tank – large capacity, fuel pump integrated



Always Pioneering

Ideally combining the most advanced engine technology with na Motorcycles’ engineers have ensured that the all-new TE 250i/300i and all other 2-stroke and 4-stroke machines will continue setting the benchmark in terms of handling, power, weight and aesthetics.