Photos by Ben Giese | Words by Andrew Campo

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Somewhere between the first light of day and a much-needed cup of coffee, I routinely find myself dreaming about getting on an airplane and going to a land I have yet to chance upon.


Infinite wanderlust keeps my mind aching for roads that dreams are made of, the unique isolation found in two-wheeled voyages, and the promise of a life well lived.
We’ve all been there, longing to see the world beyond our reach, perhaps even ready to set off for the remote and distant corners of the globe. While exploring options for our next adventure, the possibilities seemed limitless, our well abundant with ideas and our minds set on lands outside of U.S. borders.

But as the cold and dreary winter city miles of Denver slowly passed us by and the looming mountains we call our backyard showed signs of color, warmth, and life, the desire to travel abroad shifted toward the beckoning roads that wait outside our window.

Our sights were now set on aimlessly exploring Colorado’s multitude of geographic offerings, including the snowcapped Rocky Mountain range, winding river canyons, and boundless open plains. Climbing aboard a collection of beautiful Triumphs, we shifted into gear in search of a solitude that elevates the soul and gives rise to thoughts of the infinite and the ideal.

We set out to discover and to let our minds move freely in the presence of boundless expanse; we ended up with a drift of memories that belong to time spent in the land we call home. One thousand miles were racked up over three days, and as my bike came to a rest back home, I found it hard not to smile, knowing that there will always be a thousand more backyard miles waiting for our return.